Today, we saw the first cracks in what will eventually become a wholesale break with the past. What happens next will depend largely on the company’s ability to lead itself now that its founding leader is gone.

Apple’s press conference showed a brand unraveling | VentureBeat

Congrats to Jolie O’Dell for being one of the first to write that article! She’s written utter nonsense, of course, but hey—pageviews!

Tim Cook’s been running the company for a long time. He ran it before Steve died, and things were fine. Just because Steve isn’t there anymore doesn’t mean that Apple’s suddenly going to turn into some gauche corporate machine that turns out sub-par products with equally sub-par marketing messages and advertising materials. You don’t become Dell overnight. That takes years of concerted effort.

Everything I saw today was typical Apple, right down to the time of the clocks in the screenshots lining up perfectly with their unveiling. If you saw anything else, it was because you wanted to see it.